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Faculty Info: How to enter grades

College Web Services

College Web Services contains tools to allow faculty, staff and students to access important information and perform key functions like registering for classes and submitting grades.

Register for class and Enter Grades Here

This link uses student id number for login. The password is not linked to your portal id password.

Login To College Web Services

Currently, the Portal ID is not used to access College Web Services, and Portal access will not be required for class registration or entering grades until August 2018.

Prepare for the new Portal

Get prepared for the new Portal. This portal will provide a launching point for all services, simplify login, and streamline communication. In preparation, all students, staff and faculty need to prepare by logging in to the Portal Preview. See below.

Student Portal

The following tools are now enabled within the Student Portal Preview. Use Portal ID, see below.
Once logged in, click the link to Office 365 to get started

  • OneDrive
  • Word
  • Excel
  • OneNote
  • Outlook Email (Student Only)
  • OrgSync

Staff Portal

All items previously in the Old Portal are now available in the Staff Portal Preview. See login instructions below.

OrgSync Users

The Portal ID is now required for logging in to OrgSync. We recommend that you log into the Student Portal Preview, and use link to OrgSync from there.

Student Portal ID

Students have been assigned a Portal ID for use with the new Portal. Logging in with the Portal ID will replace the need to login to other services. Use the link below for instructions on finding your Portal ID, then sign in to the Student Portal Preview.
Note: If you have successfully logged into Office 365 then you have already used your Portal ID, and you're good to go.

Student Login Instructions

Find My Portal ID

Sign In to Portal Preview

Staff and Faculty Login

Staff and Faculty will use email login ID/password with the ID suffix as shown below.

West Valley Employee
Mission Employee
District Eployee
Part Time Faculty
Temporary Employees

Note: You will be prompted to enter password recovery options the first time you log in.

Test your login id below.

Staff Login Instructions

Sign in to Staff Portal Preview

Trouble Logging In?

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