Student Portal Login Instructions

Step 1

Find your Portal ID

If you use OrgSync, continue to use the same user ID, but with the following format:
Otherwise, Click here to Find My Portal ID

Find User Id

Enter the required information to receive your Portal ID

When using the Portal ID, you must include or your login attempt will not work.

Found User Id

Step 2

Continue to the Portal Preview:

Enter your Portal ID found in step 1. Then click Next.

Sign In Page

Step 3:

Enter your password.

Initial Password is Wvm@{6-digit birthdate}

Example: If your birthdate is June 23, 1999 then your password would be Wvm@062399
If you used OrgSync prior to April 2018 then your password has not been reset to the above format. However, you may need a password reset. See the help link below.

Enter Password

Password change may be required, click the link below for guidance.

Password not working?

Step 4:

Enter required information

Next you will be required to set up security measures for password recovery.

Additional Info Required

It is recommended to set up as many options as possible.

Office Phone (Employee Only)
This option does not apply to students
Authentication Phone
This must be a phone that can receive texts.
Authentication Email
This cannot be your work email account.
Security Questions
For this option you will choose 3 pre-defined questions.

This information is stored with Microsoft. It is not stored in any district system.

Don't lose your Account!

When Security Questions are complete you will arrive at the Portal Preview.


Once you arrive at the Portal Preview, you're ready! Feel free to explore Office 365 and your new email account. Also, you will notice that we have placed several links within the Portal Preview so that it can function as a temporary home page. Click the links below to get started.