Trouble Logging In?

Identify the type of trouble you have having

Error: Account or Password is incorrect

Account Or Password is incorrect

The problem may be your password.

Consider the following:

  • If using the default password, be sure you are using the following format: Wvm@mmddyy
  • Notice the W is capitalized, but the vm is not. Birthdate is mmddyy
  • The password may not be the default. The Portal ID and password has been used for other services such as OrgSync and Office 365, so you may have logged into it before. If you last used OrgSync several months ago or longer, chances are you need a password reset. See below.
  • Staff and Faculty: Use the same password as for your computer or webmail

Next step

Click the link to 'Forgot My Password' or 'reset it now'. After correctly entering the required characters, you will be presented with one of the following scenarios

Possible Scenarios

Request a password reset

To request a password reset, click the link below.