Frequently Asked Questions

The college is providing you with a secure email account as a means of communicating with you regarding college matters. Private email accounts are not secure methods of sharing confidential communications between college staff, faculty and students. Additionally, students can use the college email address to secure discounts on software and other items to support their learning.

This account is integrated with the student information system. At this time, there is not an option to opt out of the email account.

Office 365 Pro Plus for Students, Exchange Online email with 50 GB of mail storage, Onedrive with 1 TB of storage.

Each user can install Office on 5 PCs or Macs, 5 tablets (Windows, iPad, and Android), and 5 phones.

You will retain access to email and Office 365 while you remain in classes, and in most cases, until the beginning of the following semester. Your license for the email account and Office 365 access will be removed when either of the following conditions are met:

  1. If you are not enrolled in a class by the end of the 2nd week of a Spring or Fall semester.
  2. If you drop, or are dropped from all of your classes in a given Spring or Fall semester.

Once your license becomes inactive, your account will enter 30-day grace period during which you will retain full use of the email account and Microsoft Office. At the end of the 30-day period, you will lose access to email and email data, and the Microsoft Office software will go into a read only “demo mode.” At any time, you may purchase your own license for MS Office and use that to re-enable the software.

As long as you are eligible to enroll in classes, you will be able to login to the student portal. If you do not take any classes for two semesters, your account will be removed from the system.

Installing the full OneDrive client will ensure that a copy of your data is maintained on your computer. This copy can easily be moved into a new account by signing into that account, configuring a new Onedrive account, and moving the data into the newly created OneDrive folder. There is no tool available for consumers to move their data from one Exchange Online email account to another one. You will need to manually export calendar data, contacts, and any email you wish to retain into files stored on your local computer. From there you will need to import that data into a new email account.